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How to treat ground water from peat or paddy field area using seed from Moringa oleifera (Moringaceae/Pokok Buah Merunggai)

In some part of Malaysia, ground water(well) from peaty or paddy field area are very cloudy with particles , smelly , reddish in color, acidic and contain a lot of organic nutrient.

Presently some village people in isolated rural area, practice dumping their well with a lot of aluminium sulphate ( tawas in Malay) to purifier their water. This practice is very unhealthy as using aluminium sulphate without proper dosage is hazardous to health.

In some rural part of Indonesia, where pipe water is not available, the villagers purify their water 200 litres at a time using ground dried seed of Moringa (Common name: Horse radish tree/merunggai/kacang kelur) oleofera instead of aluminium sulphate, organic way of treating water.

The seed contain inodorous oil, glycerides of oileic, palmitic, and stearic acids. The seed also contain nutrients that attract microbes that purify water. Few seed are required to purify a litre of water. Shown below is an example of filtration system using Moringa oleofera seed in Indonesia in a very small scale

Legend ;-

A,B,C and D -Stop cock valve
E -Clean water tap
1 -200 litre tank to receive untreated water
2 -Sand filter (it should be smaller in size, it was drawn bigger to show the filter components)
3 -stirrer
4 -Steps for stirring
5 -Waste water drain
6 -Fine sand
7 -Coarst sand
8 -Gravel
9 -Grating

Steps on how to operate the above water filtration system;-

1. Close all stop cock valve
2. Fill up water in Tank 1
3. Add 250 gram of fine ground dried Moringa seed into 2 litre of hot water.
4. Pour the above prepared liquid Morinda seed into the 200 litre tank 1 and stir thoroughly.
5. Wait for 60 minutes for the particle in the water to coagulate and sink to the bottom of the tank.
6. Open stop cock valve B and C and collect clean water from tap E
7. Open stop cock valve A and D to drain coagulated particle and other unwanted waste.
8. Repeat the process


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