Friday, October 30, 2009


What is chelated iron?
• Chelated iron is simply iron(fe) that has undergone chelation, a chemical process that firmly binds the iron (fe) molecule to another substance such as amino acid.

• This forms a more stable ring shape molecule that are easier for plants to absorb.

Why iron (fe) is required by plants?

• For formation of chlorophyll in plant cell (that gives plant its green colour).

• As an activator for respiration and photosynthesis.

Symptom of iron(fe) deficiency in plants
• The leaf tissue turn yellow but the vein remains green.
• In severe cases the entire leaf can turn yellow

Nitrogen deficiency can also cause the entire leaf turn yellow, so how to determine the actual problem?

• Iron (fe) deficiency shows symptom on the new growth (young Leaf) towards the shoot. Only on a very severe case then the edge of older leaf can turn brown, so it affect from top downward.
• Nitrogen deficiencies affects older leaf first then move upward.

Why iron deficiencies occur?
• Where soil are highly alkali or water used for watering is too alkali.
• High pH ties up iron (fe) by the soil
• High soil temperature
• High light intensity
• High level of Manganese (Mn) in the soils can block the uptake of iron (fe). Too much iron in the soil can also cause deficiency of Mn.

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